Html Portable Editor



HTML Portable Editor is a portable application that allows you to quickly edit your HTML pages.
It has pre-tag witch allows you to quickly add stuff to your page. Good for people learning HTML as well as people that already knows HTML!

What's New in This Release:
New Pre-tags added:
  Specific Font - adds the <font> with the font face and size
  Add Audio
  Add Marquee - redone this.. fixed " error and add more options
  Add Paragraph
  Add Blockquote

Added Forms Feature:
  Create Form
  Add Text Box
  Add Button
  Add Text Area
  Add Radio Button
  Add Drop Down Box

Added Save Dialog
Added Bullited Lists:
  Numbered lists
  Pointed lists

Fixed "Enter" Bug
Added a few more tags to the colorization process
Comments are now grayed!
Added New HTML Page options
Added Advanced body customization!
Added menu Phrasing that as:

Added Tables:
  Add rows
  Add cells